For as long as I can remember, I have always struggled with sleep. I started beading and making jewelry after attending Parson's School of Design. The original goal was to make dance costumes. However, I fell in love with the beads instead! During the covid-19 quarantine days my insomnia got really bad. I stayed up all night just learning to bead and making jewelry. Thus, in the 2 years of covid quarantine I gathered enough inventory to start my own little business! Now I have a business license and an LLC and traveling around the world for vendor markets, craft shows and competitions, and even dance competitions! 

My little company started from my bedroom in South Philadelphia! This website is not designed as a shop but more designed to be an inspirational gallery to future entrepreneur enthusiast. I just wish to inspire someone else to make their creative dreams into a reality!

The big big goal is to open a boutique in the heart of south philadelphia in a few a years time!

As you flip through my site you will notice key worlds such as "handmade", "handmade original" and "handmade original sold out". "Handmade" is defined as the piece is made by hand but the design is not original. It could be a popular style. :Handmade original" is defined as the piece is handmade and it is original. That means, no one else in the world have the same piece. "Handmade original sold out" is defined as it is handmade, it is original but it is sold out. 

Custom design jewelry is also available! 

Please check out my second website